WARNING: These Products Contain Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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EB Create (formerly EB Design) Disposable vapes

 EB Design is committed to providing the best vaping experience to its customers by constantly improving its products. With the goal of healthier vaping methods and natural flavors,  EB Design has been at the forefront of creating Disposable Vapes that are safe and flavorful.

Their range of Disposable Vapes includes popular models such as EB Design BC5000, EB Design BC5000 with zero % nicotine.  Each of these vapes boasts a dual mesh coil system that delivers a longer-lasting, full-bodied taste.

The airflow design in  EB Design's vapes is engineered to work in perfect harmony with the voltage input, resulting in an unparalleled taste and flavor experience. Whether you're a fan of natural and real flavors or Nic salts for a smoother throat hit,  EB Design's all-natural ingredients ensure you get the best vaping experience.

While the popularity of  EB Design Vapes continues to grow, it's important to be aware of imitation products that try to enter the market.  EB Design advanced anti-counterfeiting technology helps prevent counterfeit products, and customers can easily verify their vapes by entering the security code on the official  EB Design website. 

Using an EB Design vape is as easy as opening the package and starting to vape - there are no buttons to press or complicated procedures to follow. For an exceptional vaping experience that satisfies all your needs, look no further than  EB Design's range of disposable vapes.

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